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If you want legal advice…

If you want legal advice, call a lawyer in your community to make an appointment.

Good legal advice has the following components, at a minimum:

  • a diligent and interested lawyer who does not have undisclosed conflicts of interest
  • a client who presents information openly
  • a set of facts that the lawyer has an opportunity to scrutinize and evaluate
  • a review of legal rules (statutes, court opinions, agency regulations, local ordinances, etc.) that may be applicable to the facts
  • a knowledge of how local attorneys and judges deal with similar problems
  • payment of a fee by the client to the lawyer

The value of legal advice is often enhanced by the lawyer’s experience in handling similar situations and the lawyer’s expertise, which comes from experience, interest, intelligence, and ingenuity. For real estate issues, you should seek advice from a lawyer who works with other lawyers, engineers, surveyors, title insurance agents, brokers, appraisers, lenders, and government officials where the real estate is located.

If you need legal advice, it’s a great idea to start with blogs and other material on the internet so that you can become familiar with terminology, statutes and regulations. The internet may allow you to discover attorneys who work where you are and who speak and write about issues of interest to you.

This blog is intended to show the world what Harry Styron is interested in. It is also a kind of amateur journalism. To some extent, this blog is advertising. The choice of a lawyer should not be made on the basis of advertising alone.

If you want legal advice, call a lawyer in your community to make an appointment. If you need legal advice about business or real estate, and you’re in my community (the Missouri Ozarks), I’d appreciate your calling me.


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  1. This website certainly has all of the information I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask. Thanks!


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