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Articles under this heading are discussion of legal issues. These articles are not intended as legal advice.

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  1. What to do if my house has been condemed

  2. I am looking for some information involving canoe outfitters rights. More specifically the clearing of debris for the main current of the stream for the safety of the canoers.

    • I don’t know of any argument under Missouri law that would give anybody other than a landowner the right to remove an obstruction from a stream.

    • Not the answer I was hoping for, but thanks anyway. I really appreciate the quick response;

      Thank you

      John Birner

  3. What are the procedures for building a water mill on a Missouri river in Greene County?

  4. what is the boundaries of a creek or stream in Missouri and can you access it from a pudlic road or bridge with out the surrounding land owner permishon

    • Tim,
      You can wade or float a stream in Missouri, if you access it from a public site. You do not have any clear right to get onto the creekbank except as necessary to pass obstructions.

  5. Is it legal to pan for gold in a public watershed?

    • The safest answer is no. A watershed is a drainage area, not just a stream or lake. Just because you find gold doesn’t mean you own it. I don’t know what country you’re in, what state you’re, or which stream you’re referring to. You need local legal advice.

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