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Getting outside in the Ozarks

Within a week, the heat wave will have run its course and we’ll surely have a little rain. Then we can get moving again in the wonderful Ozarks outdoors and watch the greens become gold, orange and red.

Here are some links for outdoor activities Read the rest of this entry

It’s time to enjoy Ozarks creeks, legally

Many canoeists, like these, are ignorant of Missouri law, and couldn't care less.

Many canoeists, like these two, are ignorant of Missouri law and couldn't care less.

Much of the fun in the creeks of the Ozarks is good, clean fun. But it’s not always legal.

Figuring out what is a legal use or behavior with regard to creeks and streams isn’t always easy, because several different federal and state agencies administer a confusing and overlapping bunch of rules. And what folks think they know that just ain’t so would fill a lake.

I’ve added a permanent page here called “Missouri water law primer: streams”  which I hope will help. Please comment to let me know if you know of something that I might add or clarify. I’m also planning to  add other pieces relating to water wells and groundwater and lakes and boat docks.

My brother Emery Styron publishes, online and in print, a monthly newsmagazine, River Hills Traveler, and Guides and Outfitters, which is a statewide (for Missouri) directory of canoe outfitters, campgrounds, hunting and fishing guides, etc., with links to river and lake levels, and other useful and interesting information.

Styron & Shilling’s HOA database project

Suppose you are buying a home in a subdivision. You don’t see many occupied houses in the subdivision, which is not in a city or town. But you see a water wellhouse and storage tank and maybe an odd looking structure that must be a sewer treatment plant or pumping station. You don’t see any signs indicating that these belong to a local government entity. You wonder who maintains the streets, the water system and the sewer system. The answer is that a homeowners’ association (HOA) is responsible for maintenance and operation of these essential facilities.

But where is the HOA?  You can’t find it in the phone book or on the internet. The public records are sketchy. Read the rest of this entry

When I think of spring, I think of gardens

When I think of growing things, I think of Jim Long, whose writings I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from for many years. Jim is well-known all over the United States for his knowledge about growing things, and he writes and lectures all over the place. Jim is an expert on growing herbs, flowers and vegetables in the Ozarks. Unlike most of the rest of us, he paid attention to his elders about such things, and he studied and experimented on his own.

Jim and Josh Young live at Long Creek Herb Farm, near Long Creek and the Arkansas-Missouri line outside Oak Grove, Arkansas, south of Table Rock Lake and Branson. Their website contains a wealth of information about gardening in the Ozarks, and how to purchase Josh’s interesting and funny book “Missouri Curiosities,” and the various other products that they sell. Despite the tremendous knowledge that they have, Jim and Josh are anything but snobs about gardening, food or anything else.

Jim has asked me if I know people in the area (Taney and Stone counties of Missouri; Carroll and Boone counties of Arkansas) who are interested in the slow food movement, which is partly a reaction to fast-food, but more a recognition of the basic need to eat well. If you are interested, please contact Jim through his website.

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