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When I think of spring, I think of gardens

When I think of growing things, I think of Jim Long, whose writings I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from for many years. Jim is well-known all over the United States for his knowledge about growing things, and he writes and lectures all over the place. Jim is an expert on growing herbs, flowers and vegetables in the Ozarks. Unlike most of the rest of us, he paid attention to his elders about such things, and he studied and experimented on his own.

Jim and Josh Young live at Long Creek Herb Farm, near Long Creek and the Arkansas-Missouri line outside Oak Grove, Arkansas, south of Table Rock Lake and Branson. Their website contains a wealth of information about gardening in the Ozarks, and how to purchase Josh’s interesting and funny book “Missouri Curiosities,” and the various other products that they sell. Despite the tremendous knowledge that they have, Jim and Josh are anything but snobs about gardening, food or anything else.

Jim has asked me if I know people in the area (Taney and Stone counties of Missouri; Carroll and Boone counties of Arkansas) who are interested in the slow food movement, which is partly a reaction to fast-food, but more a recognition of the basic need to eat well. If you are interested, please contact Jim through his website.

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