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Directory of Misssouri law blogs

Missouri lawyers have created a variety of blogs, or “blawgs” as lawyers’ blogs are sometimes called.

I’ve used search engines Google and Bing, and several online compilations– Avvo’s Top Legal Blogs, the American Bar Association’s Blawg DirectoryJustia BlawgSearch, and Technorati–to make this list.

The line between a website and a blog is not clear, because many websites include blogs, and some law firms use blog software for their primary websites. If the site includes dynamic information about a Missouri legal topic, I intend that it be included here, whether or not it’s called a blog or blawg.

Here they are with title, author, author’s location in Missouri, and my random comments:

General Law Blogs

Show Me Blawgs, Stan Sipple, “Slanted news, views and rants on Missouri legal scene from the John Ashcroft Center for Constitutional Studies,” seems to cover major tort cases.

bLAWg, Ron Ribaudo, St. Louis. Seems to be focused on legal procedure in state and federal courts.

The Contracts Guy, by Brian Rogers, St. Louis. Seems to be targeted at other lawyers, though the writing is snappy enough to keep a layperson’s interest.

Beyond the Underground, Evan Schaeffer, St. Louis (actually, Godfrey, Illinois). A blog with a national following, which originated in 2004, making it one of the first. It’s about whatever’s on the author’s mind, with a weekly list of links to articles from blogs written by law students.

Small Business Water Cooler, Rick Massey, St. Charles. This blog features lively writing about legal issues of importance to people running small businesses.

Missouri Law Blog, John Cowling and Jeffrey McPherson, St. Louis. Partners at Armstrong Teasdale, Cowling (mostly) and McPherson report on developments in federal and state law affecting Missouri businesses.

Real Estate Law and Environmental Law Blogs

Ozarks Law & Economy, Harry Styron, Branson, covers court decisions from Missouri and Arkansas, legislation and economic issues, with a emphasis on real estate, business law, property taxes, natural resources, economic development and local government law.

Missouri Attorney General Environmental Law Blog, Chris Koster, Jefferson City, not frequently updated.

Possessio, Lewis Rice & Fingersh’s Real Estate Practice Group, Kansas City and St. Louis.

Bankruptcy Law Blogs

Castle Blog, James Brown, St. Louis.

Construction Law Blogs

Midwest Construction Law, Spencer Fain Britt & Browne, Kansas City, multi-author blog covering the construction industry.

Criminal Law Blogs

Advocate for Mercy, Elizabeth Unger, Columbus, Mississippi. Unger is licensed to practice law in Missouri, Mississippi and Texas. Her blog’s focus in on her practice area, post-conviction relief. Her idealism is inspiring and surprising, since she has been a prosecutor or defense attorney for more than 30 years.

Missouri Drunk Driving-DWI, Matt Guilfoyle, Kansas City.

Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyer, Randy England, Jefferson City.

Schoenenberg Marty LLC, Wayne Schoeneberg, St. Louis

Death Care Industry

Death Care Law Blog, William Stalter, Kansas City, covers the federal and state regulatory environment of the death care industry (funeral homes, pre-need insurance, cemeteries, cremation, disposal of remains, etc.).

Employment Law Blogs

Tim’s Missouri Employment Law Blog, Tim Willoughby, St. Louis, a very comprehensive look at Missouri employment law, but not frequently updated.

Estate Planning Blog

Your Estate Matters, Purcell & Amen, St. Louis, which offers lots of examples of problems that an estate-plan can alleviate.

Law Practice Management and Legal Technology Blogs

Technology Law and Legal Technology, Dennis Kennedy, St. Louis. Kennedy is a pioneer in writing about legal technology and has a huge audience. This blog is not really about Missouri law.

The [non-billable] hour, Tim Homann, St. Louis. Homann’s blog is focussed on how to manage lawyer-client relationships.

Family Law Blogs

Case, Rajnoha & Boudreau, Meg Boudreau and Sally Rajnoha,  Ballwin (St. Louis County).

Missouri Divorce and Family Law Blog,  Mark Wortman, Kansas City, appears to be conscientiously maintained to provide helpful information to lawyers and potential clients.

Missouri Family Log Blog, Corinne Corley, Kansas City.

Missouri Family Law Blog, Tana Sanchez Benner, Columbia.

Families and the Law, Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs, Lees Summit.

Intellectual Property and Media Law Blogs

Patently-O, Dennis Crouch, Columbia. Crouch covers patent law, which is federal law, but his blog is here because this blog is well-written, authoritative and widely-read.

The Trademark Blogger, Morris Turek, St. Louis

Sunshine in Missouri, Jean Maneke, Kansas City, examines Sunshine Law issues from media point of view.

St. Louis Legal Blog, Grant Doty, St. Louis. In addition to First Amendment issues, this blog covers legal issues associated with the military, including veterans.

Public Policy Law Blog

Missouri Public Law and Policy, Howard Wright, Springfield. Veteran city attorney Howard Wright expertly explores the big issues facing local governments.

Non-Profit Corporation Law Blog

Nonprofit Law and Consultation, Amy Hereford, St. Louis.

Securities Law Blogs

Securities and Investment Blog, Cosgrove Law, St. Louis.

Tort Law Blogs (personal injury, med mal, premises liability, etc.)

Highway Safety Attorney Blog, Douglas R. Horn, Kansas City.

Missouri Injury Law Blog, Benjamin Sansone, St. Louis, covers Missouri and Illinois tort litigation.

Missouri Accident Lawyer Blog, The Bradley Law Firm, St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois tort litigation

Missouri Truck Accident Lawyer Blog, The Bradley Law Firm. St. Louis.

Missouri Injury Lawyer, The Lowe Law Firm, St. Louis.

Missouri Trucking Accident Lawyer, The Lowe Law Firm, St. Louis.

Drug Injury Attorney Blog, The Lowe Law Firm. St. Louis.

Missouri Injury Attorney Blog,  David Payne, Aurora (SWMo).

Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer, Page Cagle,  St. Louis.

Product Liability Attorney Blog, Carey & Danis, LLC.

Schultz & Myers, Josh Myers. St. Louis.

Injury & Insurance Blog, Chris Faiella, Moberly.

Missouri Injury Lawyers Blog, Tatlow, Gump, Faiella & Wheelan, Moberly.

Springfield Injury Law Blog, Jason Krebs. Springfield.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog, Terry Law Firm, St. Louis.

Non-legal blogs by Missouri lawyers

Saturday Musings, Corinne Corley, Kansas City, a very personal blog about the life and family law practice.

John Cowling’s Blog, John Cowling, St. Louis. From tips for enjoying  Bonnaroo to the carbon footprint of the dairy industry, Cowling writes about whatever piques his interests.

My intent is to include any active blog with a focus on Missouri law written by a lawyer who practices law in Missouri. I’m happy to add any omitted Missouri law blogs to this list. I haven’t listed the blogs that weren’t updated in 2009. I have omitted a blog written anonymously.


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  2. I saw your email on the Mo Bar SFIG… I saw this Website which looks pretty good for DWIs, you might want to add it to your list of sites/blogs.

    • Mary Jo,
      Thanks for mentioning this website, which does not appear to me to be a blog that has been updated in 2009.

      It looks like a static website that offers some useful information, but doesn’t contain the author’s commentary on changing developments.

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  5. Harry–If you’re still maintaining your list, you might want to add a new category–Contracts–and include my project at !


  6. You may want to include this blog in your list as well – Purcell and Amen, Attorneys at Law – Your Estate Matters, LLC, an estate planning blog in Saint Louis.

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