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It’s about time and about money: Missouri’s Sentencing Advisory Commission’s cost analysis

While I have staked out the territory of Ozarks law and economy for this blog, I’m humbled that the New York Times is doing a great job of researching and writing stories on my turf. The quality of the reporting is superb; those whose opinion of the Times is based on aversions to the biases of its op-ed writers (David Brooks, Gail Collins, Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman, Tom Friedman and Nicholas Kristof) will find the news stories about Missouri to be evenhanded and well-sourced.

Ten days ago, the Times reported on Missouri’s public defenders refusing to take more cases, a situation that came to a head in Christian County, Missouri, across the street from my office in Ozark.

Today, the Times reported on the Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission’s provision of cost information to judges, so that judges can  Read the rest of this entry

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