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It’s time to enjoy Ozarks creeks, legally

Many canoeists, like these, are ignorant of Missouri law, and couldn't care less.

Many canoeists, like these two, are ignorant of Missouri law and couldn't care less.

Much of the fun in the creeks of the Ozarks is good, clean fun. But it’s not always legal.

Figuring out what is a legal use or behavior with regard to creeks and streams isn’t always easy, because several different federal and state agencies administer a confusing and overlapping bunch of rules. And what folks think they know that just ain’t so would fill a lake.

I’ve added a permanent page here called “Missouri water law primer: streams”  which I hope will help. Please comment to let me know if you know of something that I might add or clarify. I’m also planning to  add other pieces relating to water wells and groundwater and lakes and boat docks.

My brother Emery Styron publishes, online and in print, a monthly newsmagazine, River Hills Traveler, and Guides and Outfitters, which is a statewide (for Missouri) directory of canoe outfitters, campgrounds, hunting and fishing guides, etc., with links to river and lake levels, and other useful and interesting information.

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