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Table Rock Lake and the cost of economic activity

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Kathleen O’Dell’s article about the economic impact of Table Rock Lake in today’s Springfield News-Leader, entitled “Table Rock Dam Gives Much Back to Area,” covers a lot of ground in describing the various kinds of economic activities that are related to the construction and continued existence of Table Rock Lake.

In an economic sense, is the Table Rock Lake area fit (efficient and nimble) or obese (expensive to maintain and subject to falls)? As pointed out below, the two counties most affected by Table Rock Lake have experienced the area’s lowest growth in Read the rest of this entry


Economists agree. Really.

Economists agree that policy makers should listen to them. But wait, there’s more they agree on.

In reality, most economists agree on 14 propositions, according to reports compiled by Harvard prof Greg Mankiw and mentioned in his blog. The compilation is presented in Mankiw’s widely-used introductory economics textbook.

Here are the 14 propositions with the percentage of consensus for each: Read the rest of this entry

How to learn about the economy and form opinions

The biggest problem that I have in understanding economic ideas is that my own economic literacy is limited. I have only a bachelor’s degree in economics and am a poor mathematician. Yet I’m hungry for economic information. Here’s how I get it. Read the rest of this entry

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