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The after-born shall inherit, leaving the nephew out of luck

Elbert and Irma got married. Irma already had a daughter, Deborah. Elbert had a favorite nephew, Robert.

As is often the case, in 1958 Elbert and Irma signed the same will. Not knowing who would die first, their will had to account for both possibilities.

  • If Elbert died first, half of their jointly-owned real estate would go to nephew Robert, who would essentially step into Elbert’s shoes, owning that joint property with Irma.
  • If Irma died first, all her property would be entirely owned by Elbert, until his death, when it would pass in equal shares to Robert and Deborah.

Some time later, Elbert and Irma were blessed with a son, Mark. But the joint will Read the rest of this entry

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