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Winter’s Bone and the Missouri film tax credit

I first wrote about Winter’s Bone on this blog nearly two years ago, when I visited the town of Rockaway Beach, Missouri, as some of its indoor scenes were being set up for shooting. I also presented my reactions to the completed movie in June 2010, after watching a screening in a small theatre in the company of director Debra Granik and many members of the cast and crew.

I’ve heard a judge and a handful of lawyers, who practice family law and criminal law in the counties where Winter’s Bone was filmed, voice their opinion that it fairly depicted the lives of many of the people they encounter in their work.

Winter’s Bone is an artistic, critical and popular success. But the question facing the Missouri legislature is whether the tax credits given to the film’s financial backers are a good deal for Missourians. In Missouri, the film tax credit amounts to less than Read the rest of this entry

“Winter’s Bone” and the image of the Ozarks

This summer, people around the country will be seeing the movie version of Daniel Woodrell’s 2006 novel, “Winter’s Bone.” They’ll wonder if the movie shows life in the Ozarks as it really is. The movie was filmed in Taney and Christian counties in Southwest Missouri, during the winter of 2009. You can see the trailer and read a synopsis of the plot.

This movie, with its glowing reviews and big success at the Sundance Film Festival, raises a couple of interesting questions: Read the rest of this entry

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