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An overview of Ozarks fiction

I’ve posted as a page, under the “Diversions” category (see sidebar), a work in progress, which is an overview of Ozarks fiction. My intent is to gradually assemble a fairly detailed compilation of links and impressions about fiction in which the setting of the Ozarks and the people of the Ozarks play significant roles.

I hope readers will comment, point out out omissions and quibble with my choices of authors and titles to mention. As I receive comments and suggestions, I’ll make changes in the body of the text, so that we’ll end up with a wiki-type compiliation.

Don’t be shy about commenting.


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I'm a lawyer and mediator who lives in Branson, Missouri, whose professional interests involve real estate, nonprofits, and local government. As of 2022, I'm shrinking my legal practice so that I have more time to mediate real estate disputes. I'm happy to mediate using video platforms like Zoom and WebEx, or in person anywhere in Missouri.

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  1. Hi Harry,

    Trixie Belden and the Mystery at Bob-White Cave. Kathryn Kenny, 1963, 11th in the girls’ mystery series. Trixie and the members of her secret society, the Bob-Whites of the Glen, visit their Uncle Andrew in the Ozarks, go caving, find Ozark cavefish, and solve the mystery of a missing man all at the same time. I read this book at age 10 or 11, entirely forgot about it until in 1989 I was crawling around the second level (below the jeeps) in Fantastic Caverns looking for Ozark cavefish myself at the same time as I had gone back to read the entire series because I had a student wanting to write girls series fiction. It was deja vu all over again.

    I’ll have some more titles in a few days. Of course, part of the difficulty is defining where a “windy” leaves off, and fiction begins. I’ve written some Ozark fiction myself, too, and lots of Ozark-themed poetry.

    Best to you, and hi to Jody.

  2. I write Ozark fiction, as well. I call it Creative Plum-Fiction.

    • Thanks for writing. I looked at your website and recommend it to others. You’re a skillful writer of stories that many others would enjoy reading.

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